Blinking Owl Acres is a holistic makeup & body care company. It is also our Permaculture-based homestead in the Lost Pines ecosystem of Bastrop County, TX.

We are focused on turning our little corner of these piney hills & sandy soil into an oasis with deep dark soils and an abundance of nature’s bounty. We face challenges head on every day and share our successes and our failures. We proudly join our neighbors and fellow local producers in growing indie businesses, building community and sharing knowledge, skills, food, and laughter.

We came to Texas in search of a deeper connection to the land, and to a sense of purpose in this world. When we moved out to the woods to homestead, we began to pay closer attention to the fluctuations of energy, resources, and relationships that create harmony or discord in the land around us.


As a woman, mother and wife who cares for the physical, emotional, and intellectual health of my family, I began to see the connections between stewardship of the land and stewardship of our personal internal & external ecosystems. This led me to revise my understanding of natural and healthy products as those that respect the nature and health of our personal ecosystems. I began to formulate my natural cosmetics and skin care products based on these principles.


The results of this approach were so extraordinary and profound, that Blinking Owl Acres became more to us than our small homestead. It became our mission to promote a holistic perspective in the makeup and skin care world.


Our products are holistic because they work with every individual’s unique skin ecosystem. Our goal is to protect the integrity of the whole skin environment along with the microbiome that it sustains. This means we choose clean ingredients that support the microbiome, do not irritate or clog pores, and avoid preservatives and surfactants that disrupt the skin's protective barrier.


Natural beauty is about knowing your body and your skin and leaning into it. Oily, dry, or sensitive - these are your skin’s unique and intrinsic characteristics. Our products will guide your skin on the journey towards balance and alignment. With a holistic approach, skin problems can & will fix themselves and everyone can achieve a state of radiant equilibrium and a healthy glow.

As a makeup and body care company, we are absolutely committed to using the highest quality ingredients, always. We seek out local, sustainable, organic ingredients. At the same time, we are steadily increasing our own production of raw ingredients such as herbs, wax & silk. Finally, we are uncompromising about complete honesty and transparency. When it comes to natural products, there is so much green washing on one hand and fear mongering on the other. We are fundamentally opposed to both of these extremes, and are always looking to empower our customers with the knowledge to make choices they feel comfortable with.

We sell amazing natural products, and we share our knowledge and experience eagerly & freely. There is more to come, too. This is the beginning of our story and we hope that you, our customers and friends will join us on this journey. Please, follow us on Facebook & Instagram, and feel free to reach out via email or social media if you have any questions. We love to hear from folks near & far and we live to share homestead stories and natural makeup experiences.