• Organic Cotton + Bamboo Wash Cloths

    These organic cotton + bamboo washcloths are soft, slightly heavy, and marvelously absorbent. They are meant to be used with the Herbal Oil Cleanse.


    They are sold in bundles of three. 


    How to use these washcloths with the Herbal Oil Cleanse:

    • Pump a few squirts of oil cleanse into palm.
    • Massage into face using gentle circular motions. Skin should be dry.
    • Soak a soft washcloth in hot water, and wring out excess.
    • Place washcloth over face and let it steam until washcloth cools.
    • Gently wipe face with washcloth, removing excess oil. You can rinse and repeat this step a few times if you wish.
    • Face will feel clean and balanced when done. 
    • To finish cleansing ritual, moisturize. We recommend two drops of our Oil Serum.