I have a long and complex history with makeup. In my teens and early twenties, I had an adversarial relationship with my skin. I would do battle with my face every night, turning to my armament of cleansers, toners, zit zappers, face masks, scrubbers and polishers. The mornings were even more meticulous. After another full round of scrubbing and polishing, I would lean in close to the mirror and using some combination of concealer and foundation would begin blotting out spots and hiding blemishes, in a vain attempt to erase any trace of breakouts.

The end result probably didn’t look particularly good. In retrospect, it’s clear that my elaborate skin care and makeup routine probably contributed to my skin problems more than it helped. But somehow this cover-up operation gave me a sense of safety and control. I didn’t used to feel like I could face the day or interact with the world until I went through these motions.

Foundation was my mask. I applied it in the morning and touched it up throughout the day. I hid behind it.

Eventually I discovered the holistic approach to skin care and makeup. This is a long story and I will write about it in more detail in another post (see How I Discovered Holistic Skincare), but what I want to say here is that it radically redefined my understanding of foundation in two essential ways.

First, I realized that makeup is not something that comes after your skin care routine. Makeup is the final step in your skincare routine. In other words, makeup IS skincare. At least it should be.

Second, I learned that you will never get that natural makeup look by masking your face. That “no makeup” look is all about letting your natural beauty, your own unique glow, shine through. If you apply a heavy coat of foundation, you are dulling your inner glow.

I set out to make a foundation that addressed these two revelations, and the result is Blinking Owl Acres Featherlight Foundation. It is made of ingredients with anti-inflammatory and light refracting powers like zinc oxide and powdered silk. This makeup soothes skin without ever clogging pores. It acts as a subtle barrier against pollution, UV, and harsh weather without heaviness. It adds radiance, evens skin tone, makes blemishes less noticeable, but it does not mask your skin.

We only make 4 shades because it’s not about finding an exact match and hiding behind this foundation. It’s about picking a shade that works with the play of light on your skin. It’s about feeling empowered to let your light shine through.

Blinking Owl Acres’ Featherlight Foundation redefined the role of makeup in my life. Foundation is no longer a crutch for me to lean on or a mask to hide behind. My makeup routine is now healing and gentle and my morning makeup ritual is an act of self-care and self-love. I wish the same for everyone who has a makeup ritual- let’s make it about joy and healing!

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