How do I oil cleanse?

How to Oil Cleanse

  1. Pump a few squirts of oil cleanse into palm. ⁠
  2. Massage oil into dry face using gentle circular motions.

*Bonus* If time allows, get into some deeper face massage: smooth out furrows, rub stress out of eyebrows, stimulate lymphatic drainage down the neck and décolleté. ⁠

  1. Soak a soft washcloth in hot water. Wring it out leaving the washcloth damp (not dripping wet) and warm. ⁠
  2. Place over face and let it steam for a moment, or until washcloth cools. ⁠
  3. Gently remove oil from face with the washcloth, using a gentle pulling/wiping motion.
  4. Rinse washcloth and you could steam and wipe once more. ⁠
  5. Face will feel clean, balanced, and hydrated when done. If done correctly, you should not feel any slick oiliness on skin. ⁠
  6. Follow cleanse by moisturizing immediately to lock in the hydration from the steaming.
How often should I oil cleanse?

    It depends. If you are transitioning from using a soap or cleanser on your skin every day twice a day, you will probably feel the most comfortable initially continuing that same routine with the oil cleanser. Over time, as your skin microbiome begins to stabilize and your barrier function improves, you’ll find that you might prefer cleansing at night, and simply refreshing your face in the morning with a misting of hydrosol and a gentle face rub to stimulate lymphatic drainage. It’s all about establishing an intimacy with your skin. If you listen, you will learn what it needs from you.

    I have oily skin. Does it make sense to use oils on oily skin?

      It sure does. Oil attracts and dissolves other oil. Using oils to clean and exfoliate skin actually makes a lot of sense for oily complexions because it allows you to loosen and remove pore clogging debris, dirt, and toxins gently and without stripping skin of all of its natural protections. 

      Which serum is best for oily skin?

        There is no one size fits all. If you have young skin still trying to stabilize itself, probably the Classic Oil Serum is your best bet. If you have more sensitive skin, or maturing skin, try the Barrier Repair Serum. The Glow Serum has a bit more frill than the other two, but it also has a drier skin-feel and a touch of clay. That could be a good option for oily skin as well.

        Which serum is best for dry skin?

          Barrier Repair Serum & Antioxidant Solid Serum. Barrier Repair can help the skin rebuild its protective barrier and increase the skin’s ability to hold on to moisture on its own over time. The Antioxidant Solid Serum is actually occlusive, so it can help seal moisture in. It is also possible to scoop a bit of the Antioxidant Solid Serum and mix it with a few drops of the Barrier Repair Serum – then you get the best of both of them.

          How can I use your products to treat acne & blemishes?

            First things first – transition to oil cleansing and help your skin restore its oil balance and microbiome stability. Do not over treat or over cleanse. You do not have acne because your skin is “dirty.”

            Second, when you feel a blemish coming on, take the Blemish Heal stick and gently massage the area. This is in direct opposition to squeezing a blemish- you are trying to encourage blood flow to the area while spreading a potent blend of cooling and soothing herbs on the surface. This will help make your blemishes less angry and aggressive.

            Third, BooBoo Balm will help eruptions and scars heal and disappear faster.

            Fourth, you can use the Featherlight powders to aid in absorbing excessive oil production. They will not clog pores, and in fact contain a lot of anti-inflammatory zinc oxide that will help soothe inflamed skin.

            Finally, pay attention to your diet, stress levels, and environment. Your body issues do not exist in isolation from the rest of the features of your life. Love yourself and listen to your body. You will always achieve better results and deeper healing from listening to the innate wisdom of your body rather than exclusively listening to doctors and pundits.

            Can I use the Antioxidant Serum overnight?

              Yes, absolutely.



              Why do you only have 4 shades of foundation?

                We only make 4 shades because it’s not about finding an exact match and hiding behind this foundation. It’s about picking a shade that works with the play of light on your skin. It’s about feeling empowered to let your light shine through.

                How do I choose the right shade of Featherlight Foundation for me?

                  Each shade covers a wide spectrum of skin tones. The key is finding the one that will harmonize with your tones.

                  Neutral Light - Suits Light to Medium Complexions. This shade does not lighten or wash out any complexion, it brightens skin and adds a healthy glow.

                  Neutral Medium - Suits Medium to Olive Complexions. If you are not sure between Neutral Medium and Neutral Light, you should probably pick Neutral Light.

                  Golden Medium - Suits Medium to Deep Complexions. This shade has a lot of warmth. It can also serve as a bronzer for lighter skin tones.

                  Warm Deep- Suits Deep to Deep Dark Complexions. This shade has neutral to subtle rosy notes and is very deep. If deciding between the Golden Medium and the Warm Deep, we recommend you choose based on the predominant undertones of your complexion.

                  Also, you can customize even more by mixing shades. For example, someone who normally uses Neutral Light might get a shade or two darker during the summer. They could then simply add a scoop of the Neutral Medium (or even of the Golden Medium for a warmer effect) to their jar of Neutral Light and mix it together, creating a customized shade.

                  How do you use Featherlight Foundation as a cream?

                    For cream foundation application, simply mix the powder with desired base in palm of hand (any of our serums make a great base, as well as your favorite face cream or sunscreen), and apply as you would a cream foundation. The more powder, the heavier the coverage. The less powder, the more sheer and natural the result. For optimal results, a cream application is best followed by a fine dusting of Featherlight Veil. The Featherlight Veil will instantly set the Foundation, and provide a satiny finish.

                    I don’t understand how to use the Featherlight Veil.

                      Featherlight Veil can be worn on its own as a standalone airbrushing or mattifying powder. It is also an excellent primer for foundation, helping it go on smoother and stay on longer. Finally, it is also a super lightweight finishing powder for other products. For example, Featherlight Veil can be dusted over foundation to finish and set your look. It is also great for a day at the beach: it can help with the greasy finish that you get from sunscreen and will balance excess moisture and provide shine control.

                      Does Featherlight Foundation have an SPF?

                        Featherlight Foundation does not have an official SPF. This is because the powders can be applied in so many ways and in such varied levels of coverage that a consistent SPF could not be achieved. However, it is noteworthy that all of the shades boast a very high percentage of Zinc Oxide which is the key active ingredient in most natural sunscreen products, so they definitely help boost UV protection. That said, please use appropriate sun protection for your skin type, location, and level of sun exposure.

                        Is Blinking Owl Acres Lip Color long wearing?

                          Many long wear lipsticks tend to be relatively dry, while Blinking Owl Acres lip colors are rich and moisturizing. They may not cling to your lips for all of a 12 hour day- but they will pass the taco test. Put some lipstick on, eat a taco, pucker up.

                          Is Blinking Owl Acres Lip Color drying?

                            No. It is rich and moisturizing.

                            Is the Lip Color tinted balm or lipstick?

                              It’s both. The base is a rich balm, and the pigments are rich and bold. If you are looking for a sheer tinted balm, try Rosebud, Rose Gold, and Be. For deeper colors, have a look at Merlot, Terra Cotta, and Mine.

                              I love the Lip & Cheek Stain. Why don’t you have a larger size?

                                Isn’t that tiny vial of rouge adorable? A little bit goes a long way, and that tiny package should last a nice long while. The reason we don’t make a larger size is that the balance of liquid and super-packed pigment is just right in that tiny vial. When we tested larger packaging, there were issues with pigment settling out. We stick to this tiny package to ensure the concentration of color is evenly distributed with every application.

                                The Primelighter #01 and #02 look almost identical. How do I decide which one to get?

                                  They are almost identical! We really dive deep into the subtle details. The only difference between #01 and #02 is that #01 has a touch more whiteness to it. This makes it great for highlighting the eyebrow arch and the inside of the eyes. #02 is a bit more sheer and is meant to blend more into the undereye area if you are looking to minimize the appearance of darkness under the eyes. Both of the shades make a great base layer for eye shadow, so choose more based on your own skin tone and makeup goals.

                                  How does Shadowfiller work?

                                    The Shadowfiller is relatively sheer for a brow filler product. It basically fills in the base of brows with a natural and subtle color that looks like a play of shadows. The point is to create a sense of depth and body without looking drawn on or made up. So, it does not work like a pencil or eyeliner. The best way to apply Shadowfiller is using either an angled brush or a pencil-like brush. Apply to the brow line from the bottom and go up in short strokes, trying to work the brush into gaps between hairs.

                                    Can I use the Shadowfiller as an eyeliner & mascara as well?

                                      This product is very sheer, so it will not work as an eyeliner or mascara. However, if you want to add some subtle shading it can absolutely work as a cream eye shadow. If you draw in and gently blend some Shadowfiller in the crease between eyelid and eyebrow, and then add a touch of highlight to the eyelid and the eyebrow arch, you end up with a beautifully subtle eye opening and defining effect.

                                      Is the Lash Pomade a mascara?

                                        No. It’s a mascara alternative. It does not pigment eye lashes. The Lash Pomade does add body and definition and over time, and helps improve the health and vitality of lashes. The Lash Pomade can also be used on eyebrows.