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Skin Detox Ritual


This set is the ultimate introduction to luxurious, natural self-care. It is great for everyone craving an easy way to incorporate wholesome daily self-care rituals. With regular use, your skin will balance itself - whether that means less overproduction of oil or improvement in moisture retention due to a healing skin barrier. This is a great gift for someone who can use a simple way to show themselves some self love every day.

This set comes with a 2 oz bottle of Herbal Oil Cleanse including a detailed explanation and instructions on how to massage and cleanse your skin with the oil cleanse, a 1 oz bottle of Barrier Repair Serum, and a 2 oz Organic Bulgarian Rose Hydrosol.


  • Rosehip – Loaded with essential fatty acids and antioxidants- targets tissue and cell regeneration.
  • Evening Primrose – An extraordinary treatment for dry skin, inflammation, eczema, blemishes, and acne.
  • Comfrey- Loaded with natural allantoin to promote skin cell regeneration.
  • Calendula- A skincare favorite for its gentle, yet potent, healing and calming properties
  • Yarrow- Reduces inflammation and increases skin moisture



Herbal Oil Cleanse, Barrier Repair Serum, Rose Hydrosol


Customer Reviews

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My face is clean and not dried out

This is a wonderful set to get if you are trying out the oil cleanse method. It works really well and I love that there are directions. My face is clean and not dried out.

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